By now you have probably begun to see just how important it is to closely monitor your blood pressure. Having your blood pressure readings taken only when you are sick and have to see a doctor or when you go for your usual annual medical check up is definitely not sufficient to adequately monitor your blood pressure. You have to be a little more proactive to check and monitor your own blood pressure more regularly from home. This is of vital importance considering that many more people now are at risk of developing high blood pressure compared to our forefathers who lived barely 70 years ago. Our lifestyle has changed and so has our diet. The risks associated with high blood pressure (stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and eye disease) are far too devastating to be ignored (not to mention that they could leave you financially drained).

Below are some recommendations on how you could manage your blood pressure on a regular basis.


Omron Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine

Buying yourself a blood pressure monitoring machine is a good way to start the process of monitoring and managing your own blood pressure from home.

A blood pressure monitoring machine is recommended for everyone (whether you have high blood pressure or not).

  • If you do not have high blood pressure, you could focus on how to constantly maintain your blood pressure within normal levels (i.e. below 120/80).
  • If you have high blood pressure, you will focus on how to bring down your blood pressure to normal levels (i.e. below 120/80).

With a personal blood pressure monitoring machine, you could take your own readings from home (weekly if you do not have high blood pressure or daily if you have high blood pressure), plot the readings on a graph and see what your blood pressure trend is like. Your blood pressure trend will show you what your blood pressure is like over a period of time. It may help you identify possible causes that raise your blood pressure as you would be able to link it to some event or habit in your life. It would also give you and your doctor more information with which to work with.

There are many blood pressure monitoring machines available in the market today. However, for purposes of monitoring your own blood pressure from home, a digital blood pressure monitoring machine is ideal. There are two types, a wrist type that is tied to the wrist and an upper arm type that is tied to the upper arm. They usually show the systolic and diastolic readings at the touch of a button and are easy to read.

Be sure to look for an accurate machine that will give good reliable readings.


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About Nutrients that keep blood pressure normal

In an effort to draw attention to the dramatic increases in chronic disease world-wide, the World Health Organization (WHO) in its report, “Preventing Chronic Disease - A Vital Investment”, pointed that chronic disease, world-wide, is increasing faster than the rate of population growth! In 2005, 60% of all deaths, about 35 million, were attributed to chronic disease. By 2015, they expect that number to rise by 17% to 41 million! One of these chronic diseases is cardiovascular disease - a disease linked to high blood pressure, which the WHO reports kills an estimated 17 million people worldwide every year. At the root of this problem is poor nutrition. Many people are just not consuming foods with sufficient levels of nutrients capable of helping our bodies fight off diseases and keep us healthy. As a way to help people improve their diet and reduce incidences of chronic diseases (particularly those linked to high blood pressure), we decided to write this blog in an attempt to highlight nutrients that are important in maintaining normal blood pressure levels. We have also included research findings to back our claims. Also featured are dietary supplements that contain the essential nutrients in much higher levels than those found in ordinary food for best results. Feel free to leave your comments or contact us in case you have any queries. Also kindly support our cause by buying any of the featured dietary supplements.
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