There are two dangers to nutrition. The first is to think too much about it. Even optimal nutrition combined with the best dietary supplements cannot completely reverse the damage done to the body by stress, disease, and toxins after years of poor nutrient deficient diets.

The second danger is far more serious. It is to think too little of it. Optimal nutrition combined with a healthy toxic free diet and dietary supplementation offers a powerful defense against the onslaught of degenerative diseases. It is the cornerstone of treatment and prevention of every ailment.

Everything is needed in a balanced amount. Copper is a mineral that is part of a protective antioxidant enzyme and keeps cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin and blood sugar in a normal range. But in excessive amounts, copper will generate damaging free radicals. Exercise is good and is most important for a healthy lifestyle. Yet too much exercise will lead to adrenal exhaustion. Everything must be appreciated as part of a balanced whole. Only by seeking to maximize a our health in all ways possible through a positive mental outlook, exercise, a nutrient  dense diet, and dietary supplementation can we hope to lower the rates of blood pressure, heart disease and other degenerative diseases that will otherwise decrease the quality and length of our lives.  With this in mind we recommend that you;

Eat more white meat

White meat found in chicken and fish contains less cholesterol as compared to their red meat counterparts (meats found in beef, lamb, mutton etc). As already discussed, fish contains essential fatty acids that have been found to help reduce blood cholesterol and consequently reduce high blood pressure.

Reduce your intake of salt

Salt increases blood pressure by increasing blood volume.

Exercise regularly.

It is said that a brisk 30 minute walk every day is very effective in exercising the heart and reducing ones blood pressure. This is particularly important for the older generation as they cannot practice more vigorous forms of excercising.

Avoid margarine.

Margarines are partially hydrogenated oils and also contribute to a buildup of bad cholesterol.

Eat foods that are as close as possible to what your ancestors ate.

Find out which are the staple foods that gave your ancestors longevity in life and eat these.

Eat plenty of cereals.

These have complex sugars (carbohydrates) and are released slowly into your blood stream as opposed to the processed foods which are rich in starch (simple sugar) which is easily converted into fat and stored if not immediately used. Cereals are high in fibre and help the body eliminate waste. It also keeps your gastrointestinal tract healthy.


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About Nutrients that keep blood pressure normal

In an effort to draw attention to the dramatic increases in chronic disease world-wide, the World Health Organization (WHO) in its report, “Preventing Chronic Disease - A Vital Investment”, pointed that chronic disease, world-wide, is increasing faster than the rate of population growth! In 2005, 60% of all deaths, about 35 million, were attributed to chronic disease. By 2015, they expect that number to rise by 17% to 41 million! One of these chronic diseases is cardiovascular disease - a disease linked to high blood pressure, which the WHO reports kills an estimated 17 million people worldwide every year. At the root of this problem is poor nutrition. Many people are just not consuming foods with sufficient levels of nutrients capable of helping our bodies fight off diseases and keep us healthy. As a way to help people improve their diet and reduce incidences of chronic diseases (particularly those linked to high blood pressure), we decided to write this blog in an attempt to highlight nutrients that are important in maintaining normal blood pressure levels. We have also included research findings to back our claims. Also featured are dietary supplements that contain the essential nutrients in much higher levels than those found in ordinary food for best results. Feel free to leave your comments or contact us in case you have any queries. Also kindly support our cause by buying any of the featured dietary supplements.
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