Blind man walking with a cane

High blood pressureswells the optic nerve and narrows blood vessels

The buildup of pressure in your blood vessels can cause them to bleed and make the optic nerve inflamed. This in turn can drastically affect your vision.

High blood pressure can cause permanent vision damage

The longer your high blood pressure is left untreated the worse the permanent damage can be. As the blood vessels in your eyes begin to narrow the reduced blood flow will damage the retina. This can result in blurred vision and possibly blindness over time.

Spots on the Retina

An ophthalmoscopic view of the retina showing two pale cotton wool spots.

High blood pressure can create tiny white spots known as “cotton wool spots” on your retina seriously impairing your vision. These spots are caused by swelling of the surface layer of the retina. Once your blood pressure is under control, these spots can disappear over time.

High blood pressurecan lead to a stroke

If high blood pressure is severe and is left untreated it can lead to a stroke. A stroke can damage the optic nerve leading to severe vision problems. A Stroke often affects the part of the brain that controls an individual’s visual field. Furthermore, if the damage occurs in the posterior of the brain loss of the visual field can occur in both eyes.


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